Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stump Crazy

So I just absolutely love the stump craze that happened/is still happening/will forever be happening...a girl can only hope!  It brings such a natural element into your space and can pretty much fit into any type of room because it's wood and that just about goes with anything, right?!  The completed project was SUPER cheap because I only had to pay for the sealer and the Rub 'n Buff.  There was some bad weather that came through in April 2011 and knocked an Elm tree down right next to my apartment that I was moving into.  This tree was beautiful and definitely had spent a good amount of days living in between 2 very old downtown Raleigh homes and when she fell, she didn't even take out much (just a window)...very lucky.  
The trunk of the tree is to the right. 

These are my living room windows!

Because of all the damage in our area from the tornadoes, the tree wasn't cut apart/down until the beginning of June; what a mess!  I just happened to come home from work for lunch while the men were cutting down the tree and asked if they could cut me a couple of leveled pieces about the height of a chair....Was happy to see them waiting for me on the porch once I arrived that night!  The tree stumps were pretty dry already but I let them dry for about another month. I purchased Rub 'n Buff from AC Moore and indoor/outdoor sealer from Lowe's.

Inspiration that costs:                                                My Cost:
WayFair ($379.99),                                                    Rub 'n Buff: ~$7
West Elm ($199),                                                      Sealer: ~$15
Neiman Marcus ($130-$179)

I first had to peal the outer layer of bark off of the tree...On the one stump I had to pry the bark off but on the other it practically came off the stump in one piece (that was nice).  I then sanded every inch of the stumps in order to create smooth surfaces.  After dusting them off I started sealing the one on the left...over and over and over again.  *Obviously you have to let the coats dry but just refer to the directions on the back of the sealer if questions.  I did the side of the stump 4 times and the top of the stump 6 times (more porous = more sealant).  

I wanted to add some pizazz to the stump on the right so I purchased the Rub 'n Buff for that!  This stump had worm trails and although I found it gross at first, I quickly learned to like it and ran the Grecian Gold color throughout these markings using Q-tips, my fingers and an old cloth.  I also covered the entire top of the stump with the gold...this stuff is like a paste so you have to push and work it into the stump.  Once the gold had dried, I started the sealing process on this stump too.  I keep these beautiful stumps in my apartment for seating or for decoration.  I just love them.  Courtney and I have also used them at our Storm Squad Hoedown party in the fall.

You too can have a stump of your own!...Please contact Kimberly

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