DIY Decor & Entertaining

We're just trying to do it the right fun way!  Check out all of our projects and entertaining ideas below to see what we've been up to.  No guarantees on it - these are just all things we love to do and it works for us.  We'll keep adding those projects that inspire us and keep our friendship rockin'!  Have fun and let us know what you enjoy.
Backsplash Picture Hanger                                   Hanging Monogram Letter
Picnic Inspiration DIY Table                                Chalkboard Christmas Mantle
$2 Pottery Barn Holiday Pillow                            Christmas Tree Decorations 
How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets                         David Bromstad DIY Art
Lamp Switcharoos                                                 Make a Wine Cork Bathmat
Kitchen Light Switcharoo                                      Laundry Room Organization     
DIY Canvas Quotes                                                DIY Tortoiseshell Table
Painting a Brick Fireplace                                      Dramatic Burlap Curtains
DIY Stump Tables                                                   Spring Fever Mailbox Plants
DIY Outdoor Log Holder                                        DIY Upholstered Headboard
DIY Wood Serving Platters                                    Livingroom Furniture Layout
DIY Travel Gift Package                                         Spring Inspired Mantle
Bookcase Stylin' & Organization                            DIY Dollar Tree Spring Yarn Wreath
How to Add Pizazz to Mailbox Post

"Sophisticated Tacky" Christmas Tablescape        Tacky Sweater Christmas Party
New Years Eve Party Ideas                                    Springtime Brunch
"Kiss & Tell" Birthday Party                                    LumberJack & Jill Couples Party
Introducing Our Pups                                               Thanksgiving CJ Way
Thanksgiving KB Way                                               Ollie's First Christmas
Happy 2nd Birthday Bodie!