Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

And….finally, it is our last installment of the holiday link parties.  Since the topic up for grabs is Christmas trees I thought I would share all the trees I’ve got going for my Christmas decorations at home.
I love real Christmas trees – the smell, the look, the tradition of picking them out.  This year’s wasn’t as tall as I would love it to be but we wanted to budget and make it easy to carry in and out.  I always do the real tree in the living room in purples, golds, and silvers.  I love these colors because of my favorite NBA team the Lakers but that is not what I was going for when I was picking them out.  Somehow it works though!  I try to keep all the ornaments on this tree in that color scheme.  For the topper all I did was buy some of those glittery sticks at Walmart and tie them in a bunch to the top.  I also added some throughout the tree for a little texture.  I love how simplistic it all is and how it goes with the white fireplace mantel I decorated.
Since you can’t see the tree from the street I had to add a tree in the dining room.  This one is fake – I know I love the real ones but two real ones makes for too expensive – and messy!  We got one off of craigslist last year for free for this room but it was huge and way too complicated to put together.
So we decided to scale down and got this one at Target for $40 during the Thanksgiving sale.  I love all the various colors and different meanings of the ornaments. This is the tree where anything goes – it doesn’t have to be a certain color to make it on the tree.  And I love how it looks from the outside.  Something for the neighbors to look at while they walk by!
Each year we get an ornament that is symbolic of something that happened during the year.  Last year it was our new puppy, Bodie, so we got a Labradoodle ornament.  Since Ben and I got engaged this year we got a diamond ring….don’t think my ring looks quite like this but I do love the sparkle!
And last but not least is this sweet Carolina Hurricanes themed tree.  This is my favorite since Kim and I are part of the Eye Care Associates Storm Squad.  The jersey ornaments were given out to fans at games in my first year and I bought the ornaments with the Hurricanes logo on them at our local Hurricanes store.  I added various red ornaments since our colors are red, black, and silver, and topped it off with some darling ice skate ornaments I found at Target.  It is so much fun to have a themed tree with something that is so personal like a favorite sports team.   

I hope you enjoyed all the link parties and the Christmas crafts have surely put us both in the spirit.  Check out Sarah’s blog as well to see where we linked in.  Hopefully we’ll survive the holidays and have some more updates to our houses and other DIY things we’ve had to put on hold. 
I'll leave you with a few more holiday decorations I've got going on around the house.  Thanks for stopping by!  11 more days until Christmas!

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  1. I so love your ornaments, decors and Christmas tree! That was pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing inspirations.

    Anne Walker
    Christmas tree decorating ideas