Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tacky X-Mas Time!

We're gearing up for our annual Eye Care Associates Storm Squad Holiday Party that we always plan.  This year we will be celebrating these joyful times in the spirit of tackiness - a Tacky Sweater Party that is!  This is the first of four holiday link party posts we are doing so this one has to do with our holiday tablescape:
We wanted to practice our tablescape before the big night and also so that we could link up the party!  That is when we decided we would focus on an oxymoron tablescape - a "sophisticated tacky" tablescape.  We wanted all the elements of a tacky sweater party in there but didn't want it to be over the top.  Make sense?  It didn't really to us either but we didn't want to just throw random things on the table and call it a day.   
Our main focus was on the party favors we will be giving as they serve as our place cards as well - so thrifty!  We went to work dipping martini glasses in chalkboard paint (we love it) and making glitter and feather ornaments.  Don't worry - we'll include the DIY details when we tell you how it goes this Friday.  We used a shiny, shiny gold tablecloth we found in the attic and used that as a backdrop for our scrapbook letter banner that said "Tacky X-Mas."  Didn't even bother steaming it!  Next came the sophistication - we just placed our ornaments in the martini glasses we had made and wrote our guest's names on them.     
We plopped these in the center of the plates on top of some cut outs from the base of a trunk of a Christmas tree and added some fresh sprigs of rosemary for some natural elements.                                                        
The centerpiece was just as easy - we just gathered up some yarn, knitting needles, neutral ball ornaments, a cake plate, a glass hurricane, a candle, "moss" covered stones from the Dollar Store, some Christmas tree branches, and a picture from a past Tacky Sweater Party we held.  All it took was a little "sophisticated tacky" placement of the yarn and ornaments into the hurricane and we got the look we had hoped for!  We also found some Santa chair covers that we placed over the chairs to add some more Christmas into our tablescape.  We'll show you these more up close when we do our complete party post.

This was such an easy tablescape to do for any Tacky Sweater Party you're throwing. We love that it still works for our dinner party since it is tacky but with a classy twist. We hoped you enjoyed dropping in on us today and can't wait to check back in with all the party details. Be sure to check out the link party we've joined as well over on Layla's blog The Lettered Cottage.  

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