Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

To every mother out there...Happy Mother's Day!

Today we celebrated my fabulous mother and g-ma because they are incredibly fantastic women.  I am a lucky girl to have them so close AND to finally have my sister home from Spain so we were able to spend the day together...of course my dad tagged along too:)!
We went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences which just recently opened in Downtown Raleigh.  In the pic above we are standing outside of the museum by the giant globe.  Good job Raleigh for putting in this new museum because it is fantastic.
Show Off. Fish in Aquarium.
I should have thought to bring snacks to the museum because everyone started getting really hangry (hungry-angry) so I knew after like an hour and half at the museum that it was time to go start cooking!  

I had already set the table before my fam (yes, I like to abbrev) arrived.  I really don't have a lot of matching items because everything was handed down but I believe it all comes together...Mason jar glasses, blue wine glasses from a coworker, grandma Barber's old plates and silverware (how hip), an African table runner from my mom, director chairs from the Barber garage :), my mom's old sheepskin rug (on an antique church bench to the left..can't see the church bench), and a gold spray painted chair that my dad snagged from a garage sale.  This sweet little space is in my hide away sunroom area which you may remember I blogged about earlier after I'd finished my picnic inspired table.  

Sary bought these beautiful hydrangeas from the store and they sat on my tea cart for some extra color in the corner of the room!  Love this flower and love the colors.  For some extra decoration, I went and bought little daisies and repotted them in my chalkboard paint covered pots so then I could put a cutesy reminder of what we were celebrating:)

After a day at the museum, too much lasagna, a french baguette, an Olive Garden inspired salad, strawberry shortcake and lots of wine, we were all tuckered out.  It was a wonderful day spent together in Downtown Raleigh celebrating the most important woman in my life, Mom!

.Happy Mother's Day.


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