Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"B" Stands for Barber

So I had this absurd idea...to hang a large sized B above my wet bar.  I wanted something sleek and sexy yet industrial to add flavor to my very blank wall and my very tall ceiling.  I have had this idea for a while but couldn't ever seem to get myself to get it done until this past weekend!  Literally my friends would come over and I think they all started believing that the photography papers I taped on the wall for size was my permanent art fixture.  I went to the local Home Depot and bought the cheapest piece of wood I could find that I could have the nice man in the back cut down to the size of 36 x 44in.  I had this piece of wood lying around
my apartment for weeks before I took it home and had my mom help me with hand drawing a font that I would love looking at for a while.  I then drove it to the gentleman who is located near me and has helped with some of my other wood creations and had him cut out this beautiful letter "B".  He took a couple weeks to get it back to me and although the wait was painful it gave me time to pick out the perfect paint color. My living room has lots of deep tones with pops of color so I needed to stick with a dark and rich color since it was to go above my tiffany blue wet bar; I chose Mystical 
Shade by Behr.  While I was at Home Depot I went to the hardware aisle for inspiration on industrial ways of hanging this B.  I saw a gold link chain and fell in love.  I told the man the project I was doing and he looked at me very skeptical and said, "what are you on some HGTV design on a budget show?"  Silly old man.  It was also funny because as this older man is giving me a hard time, the young guy that helped cut all 18 boards for my DIY headboard saw me standing there in the hardware section and came over to see how I was doing.  When people start recognizing you at The Home Depot, you know you have a DIY problem.  It also made me feel like a real designer though because he was asking about my headboard and wanted to see pictures since he couldn't envision my idea from the start.  Anyways, he liked it and now understands what a DIY headboard with 18 squares can look like.  The older gentleman was still cutting the gold chain and looked up and said, "well are you going to bring me a photo when you get done with this project?"  Oh networking at Home Depot...it's fabulous!  With my chain (picture

this but gold), paint, and ceiling fastener in hand...I was ready to FINALLY finish this bad boy B.  The project took me less than an afternoon...the longest was waiting for the paint to dry.  While I was letting it dry, I was able to put in my ceiling fastener hooks and measure the gold chain.  I bought 2 chains and both were about 4 feet long which was way more than needed but at only $.98 per foot, I was willing to pay for more than to not have enough.  The paint finally dried and I was able to put some little hooks (for example click here) on the back of my B to hang on the chain.  The screw on the hook was actually too long so I took some extra cork board I had laying around and used it in between the board and screw so it wouldn't pierce through the front.  I had this BOLD letter B hanging in no time and it was the perfect statement piece for when people came over to my apartment that evening.

Inexpensive project: 
Paint - $10.88 (should've gotten the sample size but I got a quart, oops)
Ceiling Fasteners - $3.92 (2 pack)
8 Feet Gold Chain - $7.84
Wood - around $5
Labor - $30 for the cut
Cork Board - Free (had it laying around)
"Little Hooks" - Free (had them laying around)
Satisfaction - 100% Happy with my Bold new B


  1. Haha... It is finally up! I am soooo in love with it and can't wait for you to see it:)