Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pup Inspiration

We wanted to formally introduce you to the two stars of the blog and our lives (of course).  The name 'Bodes & Ollie' is inspired by our very own 'mixed' pooches who will make frequent appearances - we can guarantee. 
Bodie, a labradoodle, belongs to Courtney and will be two in December (they grow up so fast).  He hails from Goldsboro, NC.  Bodie is a loving boy who is obsessed with balls, frisbees, and anything that he can retrieve.  He absolutely loves swimming, dock diving, and has recently fallen in love with golf and baseball (well, retrieving the balls for the sport)!  
Oliver is a recent addition to Kimberly's life as he was just adopted a couple of months ago.  He was Kimberly's foster dog and she just couldn't let him go.  One look and she was hooked.  He is a fast growing puppy who steals the hearts of many with his adorable coon mannerisms.  Ollie is playful, energetic, and loves walking the city streets of downtown Raleigh.
We hope to share many more stories about these lovely pups and can't wait to show you how they inspire our projects.  Thanks for 'puping' over to our blog!

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