Monday, November 28, 2011

Backsplash Picture Hanger

I have been attempting several DIY projects for my new apartment...well I don't know if you could call it new since I moved in back in May but my projects are finally starting to come together and it has just been a SERIOUS work in progress!  One of the first decorative and DIY projects that I attempted after getting all my furniture and clothes settled was my sink backsplash/picture hanger/old ugly shutter thing.  My parents went down to our bed and breakfast in Bat Cave, North Carolina and had to clear it out after two men that were renting it had started hoarding junk / collectibles ...junktibles?  One thing they found was an old shutter that had 8 frames...4 frames had mirrors and 4 frames had old, smeared plant packages and both were caulked to the whazoo.  I wish I had a picture that showed how bad this thing looked, just ugly.  So one day Ollie and I started to work on taking apart this old piece...
Has to check out everything!
Getting lazy and making it difficult!
You can see that he is obviously a very good helper.  Always wanting to be involved with whatever I am doing.  Can you see the ugly paint color? The mirrors? And the fading/water stained framed planter pictures?  Yes, all of this had to go!  I first had to take a blade to the caulking to try and loosen it up to remove the frame and mirrors.  I hope it's not bad luck to break mirrors because several may have been cracked in this process.  Once all spots were clear, I sanded and painted this masterpiece a magenta pink color called Exotic Bloom by BEHR for a nice pop in my kitchen (the color looks way duller online than in person and paper).  While the paint dried, I went to the office supply store and bought bulldog clips

and printed several pictures from my local Walgreens.  Once home, I realized the bull dog clips were not really the ones I needed.  The ones I bought had magnets on them and so rather than running back out to the store, I just pried the magnet away from the clip so I could use what I really needed.  The paint had dried and so I was able to nail the clips onto my freshly painted frame.  I tried to nail the clips in the center or I would do 2 in one frame but I normally don't have the patience to measure so it was more a trial and error and it turned out GREAT!  I love my final product and here it is for your very own viewing pleasure. 

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