Monday, November 28, 2011

Kim's Thankful Times!

I am just now getting around to this... You can see who is the proactive blogger between Court and I!  I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and was able to spend it with people they care about with full bellies.  Yey for Thanksgiving!  I do believe it is one of the laziest holidays for me.  Our celebrations are always fairly small because a lot of my close relatives live either in Florida or in Alabama.  Because my sister is teaching in Spain right now, I had to hold down the Barber fort with my mom, dad, grandma (she lives across the street), and my aunt (she made an appearance this year)!  All I can say is that my mom is amazing and cooked an entire feast all by herself...the smells were delicious in our house the entire day and by 4PM I was so ready to eat.  I think Oliver had the toughest time because his nose was working on overdrive and he always seems to act like he's starving.  Anyhoo, after all the preparations, our dinner seemed to go by pretty fast!  Turkey, stuffing, rolls, cranberry sauce, salad, mashed potatoes....I was in a food coma and you practically had to roll me away from the table.  My mom and grandma had made dessert as well so we went on a family walk with Ollie in order to make room to later divulge on another course.  Once home we had this delicious pumpkin bake and
My little rag doll. 
ice cream with my great grandma's specialty chocolate sauce. YUM.  And another coma set in.  I think it did for Ollie too because we went upstairs to watch the movie Unknown and he passed out on me like this...I've never seen a dog sleep like this before, but he loves sleeping on his back with his legs completely sprawled out.  He also snores...a looker for sure.  It was so awesome to be with my family on such a special day eating such great food that we were so fortunate to have.  Onto the next holiday though with decorations, presents, family and more eating.  Can't wait!  

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