Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bookshelf Makeover!

So for the link party today, we are doing "Spring Crafts"! Not only did I craft for my project but I also did a spring clean! My really terrible looking bookshelf in my room has really needed a sprucing up but I just haven't had the time/have been uber lazy so I finally got around to working on it.
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I went and bought these two fine bookshelves from Target which cost around $30 total.  While at Target, I also bought these grey storage/filing containers (4 for $16), the fabric cubby squares (2pk = $12.49) and my gorgeous glass globe lamp ($52.98).  I also went to AC Moore that night and bought 4 12"x12" canvases ($4.49 each) along with 2 tubes of gold paint ($1.99 each).  It was late once I got home but I wanted to start on this entire project pronto which meant, I needed to construct and I needed to paint...I don't think my downstairs neighbor was too happy about
since I was shuffling around upstairs and hammering until the wee hours (was having one of those can't-go-to-sleep-because-I-need-to-craft-

until-done-with-my-whole-house type of nights).  The gold paint took several coats for it to be a solid color with no white peeking through...Once the paint was dry, I went to putting all the little screws into the canvas and the bookshelf so that I could have them hanging to disguise any messes!  It's a really fun way to dress up your book shelf without any permanent changes; I
could even paint the canvases a different color depending on any future color schemes!  Now that all the nitty gritty is done, it's time to stylize!  I was able to hide ugly textbooks behind the gold canvases, choose some good looking books for display, hide messy and loose papers in the gray storage, showoff my friends in fancy frames, bring in a little bit of green and add some of my travel flare with books and pottery from Peru.  In about 2 days I have a fabulous storage piece that I was able to create and put together on my own...I like it!  Now I just have to decide if I like the bookshelves pushed together or apart.  Do you notice my lovely artwork above?!   You can find that here.

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

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  1. The bookcase looks fab! Following you from Kate's party-stop on by for a visit!