Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Springy Mantle

We're back to linking up to the Spring Link Parties.  We're so excited to join this as there are so many great ideas to see over at the party.  Today we are participating in Layla's party dedicated to mantles:
Last year I didn't feel like being creative so I copied a lot of elements from Layla's spring mantle and mine turned out looking rather bland:
I decided I needed to spruce things up and add some bigger items to make it appear happier and not so washed out.  My solution?  Get a statement mirror that reflected the crisp, white statement of the fireplace I painted all white.  I found this mirror at Home Goods and I think it was $29!
I loved the moss trees and hurricane I had used last year so I kept those on my mantle.  I bought the two pots at Dollar Tree and I put two small pieces of foam in them.  I inserted wooden dowels that I use for baking cakes and then covered the foam with moss I bought at the Dollar Tree as well.  I then just covered styrofoam balls with got glue and rolled them in the moss and inserted them on top of the dowels.  The small birds are also from the Dollar Tree. 
The hurricane is just filled with the moss and those cheap plastic Easter eggs from the Dollar Tree.

Going along with my Spring theme, I had to have a birdcage for all those beautiful birds welcoming the warm weather.  I also wanted some natural elements so I snipped some rosemary that was completely overgrown from our mailbox plants (the plant you originally saw in this post).
I also spruced up some spring elements in my console table.  Felt it was fitting - I included some of the prior year mantle decorations in this.  Waste not!! 
Don't forget to check out Layla's party and thanks for stopping in if you're one of her guests!

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