Thursday, March 8, 2012

Styling the Logs - Part I

Even with Spring approaching quickly, we are still having lots of fires in our wood burning fireplace.  We turn the heat super low and have fires at night to heat the house.  It saves us a ton of a money since we only have the heat kick in during the mornings while we're getting ready. 

We also have a firepit for the porch so we use our wood that Ben and his Dad cut up A LOT.  This year we decided to build a log holder in our backyard instead of stocking it in the garage and taking up space.  Ben and his Dad built our log stand and I must say I was pretty impressed during the process.  They just added the roof this week so I helped snapped pictures and played with Bodie.  I apologize for the crappy IPhone pics - it was hard to throw toys for the dog and document pictures with a proper camera. 

They grabbed four 2x8 posts from a friend who owns a fence company and stood those up near the back of our house. 
Whoops.  Sorry.  This might be more of a distracted Bodie picture taking post.  I'll do my best to explain.  Next they took two wood slabs and attached one in the front and one in the back perpendicular to the 4 posts and parallel to the ground.  Across these they laid small boards that they cut to make the base of the log holder.  You can see the front board that is laying parallel to the ground in the picture below.  Ben is putting plywood boards on the sides and the roof so that the logs don't get wet when it rains.  Didn't realize Bodie was in the picture when I took it.
Here's Ben's Dad measuring the plywood to go on the roof and the sides...
Uh oh....somehow I started taking pictures of a labradoodle instead...
In the Bodie shot above you can see the boards that were nailed into those perpendicular boards for the base better.  See, my shots were doing some good!  And finally, the (almost) finished product.  They attached the sides and the roof with nails.  They made sure that the roof hangs over on both sides to prevent any kind of water getting to the logs.  Wet logs do not make good fires.  In the next post I'll show you the finished product with both sides attached and how we tried to make this blend into our backyard. 

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