Friday, March 16, 2012

A Free Couch and Slipper Chair!

I got a free couch! Well...not technically, but I kind of broke even you could say.  I just purchased a brand new couch from Rooms to Go and it is going in place of the two couches I've got in the living room.  I put my old sofas up on craigslist and was able to sell them for enough money to buy a sectional sofa that came with a free slipper chair too!!

My decision to do the furniture switcharoo is due to the fact that it is just too darn crowded with two couches and it is just not accessible to get to either couch.  We've got two couches in there right now in an "L" shape like this:
Pretty awful huh?  See how the two couches are different styles and colors? And see how they have to be practically touching to fit in our square place?  And notice how are rug is way too small (that will have to be fixed another day)?  So we needed a change.  And STAT.  Plus, there was barely enough room between the sofas and the fireplace as well as the tv console. 

I had always wanted to only have one couch and then just a chair for extra seating.  I knew this one at Rooms to Go was the one for me as it come with a convertible chaise that switches from side to side. Luckily we got our green light to purchase this during this year's New Year's sale.  We found a deal we couldn't pass up where we got the sectional and a slipper chair for $818.  This was such a good deal because the sectional is usually $899.99 and the slipper chair is $399.  Therefore, we were saving about $481 (before tax) - not sure of the exact savings but it comes out about the same.

And I couldn't be any happier with what we have now.  They arrived all in one piece and I am over the moon with how they look.  See how much room we have now to walk around?  And now people don't have to squeeze between the sofa and the tv console.  And I love that the chaise moves from side to side.  I feel like you are able to see our new hardwoods so much better too.
And I love the slipper chair - the fabric is perfect.  Ben is however NOT digging the slipper chair.  He doesn't believe that furniture should be for looks - it should be for functionality.  I do agree with him on that one so we are looking for a cheapo chair right now that fits his comfortable test.  We'll then move the slipper chair to the corner where the windows are.  (Excuse the lighting - this was at night and we're still getting used to the new DSLR camera)
But now I feel that the rug doesn't look half bad for the time being.  I'm still searching for ottoman coffee tables.  Haven't decided if I'll DIY one or just bite the bullet and buy one.  I really want a square or circle one since the rectangle ottoman we had there is just too large for the chaise.
There are going to be a few more switcharoos around in here and I'll give you an update when they happen. Cheers to my new furniture and much more space!! (In case you were wondering - Bodie is doing just fine with the change - he gives his OK).

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