Monday, January 9, 2012

Brunch for a Bunch

Since the weather is a little wintry and dreary here in North Carolina - we thought we would reflect back to when we had 78 degree days and the sunshine was abundant!  We held a springtime brunch last April for the Eye Care Associates Storm Squad when the weather was spectacular.
We wanted to host a little something special for the end of the hockey season for our fabulous Storm Squad ladies so we planned a brunch!  Because we are two party planners that aren't trying to spend a pretty penny, we kept this brunch very simple.  Like most all of our events, it was held at Courtney's house because she has the most space for all the little things we want to rope the girls into doing.
Our inspiration for this brunch was the springtime season and Easter.  We decided that our seating cards would reflect our theme so we used terracotta pots to mark every one's place at the table.  We bought the mini terracotta pots at Home Depot for $.74 each and planted a spring of lavender into each one.  We had some leftover sample paint that was light green which we used to paint the lip of each one.  All we had to do was write each girl's name with a Sharpie and we were good to go (Kim always does the writing because she has that fancy, beautiful penmanship!)
The rest of the decor was just as simple - we made tissue paper pom poms in fun spring colors and used Easter decorations bought at the Dollar Tree for centerpieces.  We used a floral china pattern from Target that looked springtime enough and placed the pots on the center of each plate.
We set up a little drink station as well for our pomegranate mimosas and bloody mary's.  We just attached pretty labels to the pitchers and set them out with our champagne flutes.  Since we had 14 girls at the brunch, we knew it would be tough to keep track of glasses so we made little tags as well out of scrapbook paper and twine with their initials on them.  
We kept it super simple for the food since we both made all the food for our guests.  We made some monkey bread, cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, and breakfast casserole.  It was all so yummy and the perfect brunch menu.  We had printed out a sweet sign on floral paper and framed it for our buffet line that read "BRUNCH for a wonderful and lovely BUNCH."
The weather that Easter weekend was beyond spectacular so we decided we should include some egg dying so that the party could be moved outside.  We set the porch up with our egg dying station.  We just put down a pastel pink table cloth we had bought at the Dollar Tree and had separate bowls for our different colors.  We used a floral frame to mark our egg dying station - just in case people were confused!
It ended up being so much fun and people made some pretty spectacular eggs.  We ended up loving  doing this - kind of bringing back our childhood!
For our party favors we made to go bags with every one's names attached for them to visit our candy buffet.  We had Easter M&M's, cupcakes, and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels.  This was a big hit and we definitely needed to go since everyone was too full for desserts.
We couldn't have asked for a better day or better weather.  All in all I think we were especially happy with our results - enough to toast each other!

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