Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleep Is My Drug

I've just finished my first work week of training for the half marathon I plan to run in March and it is exhausting waking so early in the morning!  I am the type of person that is so obsessed with a cozy bed that I will hit snooze about 5 times and wake up with barely 20 minutes to spare before I am out the door and headed to work. Sometimes I think I have a problem but I believe there are a lot of people that can relate to me...Because sleeping is a favorite morning activity for me, the art work in my room is completely fitting.  I found the saying on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do something with it.  I took 2 canvases (11x14in) that I had laying around and the extra burlap from my curtains in my living room.  I used my mini hot glue gun to secure the burlap onto the canvas.  I then took black construction/scrapbooking paper and cut out each letter to create the saying, "Sleep is my drug, my bed is the dealer...and my alarm clock is the police."  The letters took forever to cut out and they are completely IMperfect but I somewhat dig that about this project; they were also hot glued on top of the burlap.  It all came together on a weekend after a game when I didn't feel like visiting downtown Raleigh. :) 

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