Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kiss & Tell Birthday Party!

Leigh quickly became one of my bestest friends after we were introduced through a mutual friend about 2 years ago.  It was her birthday on Monday and so her roommate Bree and I decided we wanted to do something special for our little nugget this past weekend.  Because Leigh is always making kissy faces in photos and such, Bree thought to make kissy lips on sticks for everyone to hold in pictures (similar to the mustaches or santa beards which you may have seen at some of our other parties).
This idea inspired the entire theme for our party.  The next day I had a serious shopping spree at the Dollar General. Perfect enough for me, they had put out all of the Valentine's decorations and so I found everything I needed and more.  I bought pink and white paper lanterns (2 lanterns per pack), purple and pink streamers (2 rolls per pack), pink and white balloons, kissy lip chocolates, kissy lip foam sheets (2 packs-6 in each), and hot pink wrapping paper. We decorated the door with a "KISS ME" scrapbook paper sign and a little foam kissy lip with Leigh's name on it; streamers and balloons also hung from

the piping above my door.  The picture to the right is a bit of what Leigh saw when she walked in.  The foam kissy lips were put all along the back wall with "Lounge" for the kissing lounge (although I don't think it saw any action).  I hung "Kiss This" in large letters with jute from window to window along with hot pink wrapping paper fans.  The purple and silver tissue paper pom poms you see in the picture were hung by twine on a piece of jute that ran from one side of the room to the other along with streamers.
It definitely helped decorate the room and filled my 10 ft ceilings and empty space with some color!  Above the fireplace we strung a Happy Birthday sign (bought from the Dollar General) and hung streamers from an empty picture frame that was just propped up on the mantle.  Everywhere else we decided to just throw up as much color using streamers.  We hung lines of
streamers from the bar table, the bar leading into the kitchen, the table near the entrance of my apartment and hung paper lanterns over top of the bar.  Love it!

We didn't ask people to come over until a little later so we thought it only perfect to have sweet treats around the house rather than the normal party snacks.

"Kiss & Tell"- Fortune Cookies and Chocolates
"Frenchy Fondue" - With Strawberries, Marshmellows and Graham Crackers
"Strawberry Kisses" & "Birthday Cake" - Cupcakes
"Pucker Up Margs" - Watermelon Margaritas
"Juicy Lip Jello Shots" - Pineapple with Coconut Liquor, Pineapple with Tequila, Strawberry with Liquor...All topped with whip cream and sprinkles.

On the bar table in the living room, we had a "kiss & tell" table with fortune cookies, hershey kisses, and the kissy lip chocolates I got from the Dollar General.  Leigh got her palm read the previous weekend so we thought it would be cute for everyone else to get a little fortune of their own!

In the kitchen we had an assortment of sweet treats.  We laid out brown paper across the kitchen counter so that we could write on the paper and it could get as dirty as it wanted and we could just throw it away.  We had our "strawberry kisses" and "birthday cake" cupcakes taking up almost half of the counter space.  There were too many but they were too good.
Next to the cupcakes we had our "frenchy fondue" equipped with dipping sticks for the strawberries, marshmellows and graham crackers.  It was quite the tasty snack for the grazers that roamed in and out of the kitchen.

A specialty drink was whipped up for Leigh's party guests as well.  We called them "pucker up margs".   To make this scrumptiousness, we used 2 cartons of Dole's Watermelon juice, a bottle...or two of tequila (clear), half a bottle of triple sec, a cup of water, and 4 freshly squeezed limes.  DELISH.

All in all, it was a sensational evening and I think everyone had a fabulous time celebrating our much loved friend, Leigh!

<---B-day girl Leigh and I (twins?!)

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