Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let there be light!

When we moved in to our house we noticed that our kitchen was lacking in the luminescent factor.  The kitchen basically has track lighting with only two lights on one side (not sure what symmetry they were going for...) in the cooking area:
...And this is the only other light in the kitchen that is above our pedestal table.  There is nothing really wrong with the lamp above the table ascetically but the light goes UP, which does allow a lot of lighting to be on the table.  I decided I wanted something that wasn't so dark either and reflected our style a bit more.
So, the light had to come down.  I got a little help from my fiance, Ben.  He does the fixin' stuff in the house.  He unscrewed the candle part of the "chandelier" and then unscrewed the base plate and cord from the ceiling.
We went to Home Depot for lighting options and I fell in love with the Warehouse Pendant.  I also fell in love with the price: $23.99!  It also came with the whole lighting kit so we didn't have to purchase an extra one.  I love the industrial look of it and I'm really leaning towards industrial chairs like Layla chose for our pendant table....maybe some day!
Ben made sure to turn the power off and went to work attaching the correct wires to the ones hanging out of the ceiling.
And voolah!  Let there be NEW light! 
I love how much more light there is now!  Check it out compared to the one that was here when we moved in.  I feel like the old one looks so dark and outdated when compared to the new pendant light. And I think it is so chic looking!  We did add two more track lights to the ceiling as well for more light and symmetry.  So what do you think of the industrial vibe?  I know it isn't much but I'm certainly getting more excited to more towards that style...


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