Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wine Cork Bathmat

I have always wanted to make a bathmat with wine corks so I sought out to do it a while ago.   I didn’t want to glue the corks down because that would take forever so I decided to build a sort of 3D mat where you just have to stand the corks up.
I started collecting a lot of corks but found it easier to go to a local steakhouse and ask them to save me some.  Once I had A LOT (you may think you have enough but it really takes a rather large amount) collected I was ready to go.

I went to Home Depot and grabbed some white 2 inch thick boards and some particle board.  This was a while ago but I honestly can’t remember it costing more than $10.  I cut the pieces to form a rectangle that fit the measurements of the floor space next to our shower with a miter saw.  I simply used Liquid Nails to glue the pieces together in a rectangle formation and then drilled a screw through the ends for stabilization.  I next glued the shape onto a piece of particle board I had cut down to size and drilled some more screws into the boards.
Next came the fun part – filing the corks up!  This was extremely easy to do – all you need to do is keep filling in corks and pushing them real close to each other.  I love how the corks from red wine are stained so I kept some turned where the red showed for some pop.  I also used champagne corks throughout for some variation.  

Don't worry if they aren't the same size - it actually feels so much better if the corks are different heights.  It is also so much easier because then you don't have to worry about cutting each and every cork to the exact same level. 
I love how it looks in the bathroom next to the newly painted cabinets I did here.  I’ve got a lot of wine corks leftover so I’m planning some more wine inspired projects.  Any neat ideas out there for me? 

      And here is the list of bathroom projects I still need to do.  Hopefully I can find the time soon to shorten it!

·        Hang some art or a picture that is actually to scale
·        Frame the bathroom mirror DIY style
·        Hang the glass vases I bought 6 months ago next to the  candelabra
·        Add cool twig art to the vases
·        Take out the heater on the ceiling that doesn’t work
·        Make a DIY chandelier or pendant to replace the heater
·        Put privacy film on window to keep the window open for  natural light
·        Add baskets for towels
·        Add a towel knob near the shower


  1. Fantastic idea. You should pin this on pinterest! Bet it feels good on your feet as well. Well done!

  2. You girls are on a roll - I have enough wine corks to make about 100 mats (just kidding - don't judge)!

    Love this - such fabulous texture.

    Another great Cinch idea.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fun idea!! I guess I'll open the next bottle of wine to get me closer to this. haha Thanks so much for sharing this at our Cinch party! Karah